Metaverse Distribution Center

The actual properties of the real warehouse operating information are collected in the physical distribution center field test process
and the system of the physical distribution center is developed simultaneously by reflecting them in the virtual warehouse.
When FC system is applied to physical distribution center and then AMR will be put into the field in stages.

Using OMNIVERSE, distribution center automation operation plan

EXIS is developing an IT management system for the operation of the real distribution center and is using NVIDIA Omniverse to design processes
for future robotic automation applications.
The actual Distribution Center has been digitally twinned and is being used to review necessary matters for automation application in advance.

Operation example 1

Operation example 2

Jetson Platform Autonomous Mobile Robot

The robot applied to the physical distribution center, It is 100% domestically manufactured by EXIS Software Engineering and is equipped with Advantech’s Jetson NX AIR-020X model. During development, the Ominverse Isaac Sim is linked with ROS2 to simulate and develop a robot operation program.

Build a distribution center digital twin used by Omniverse Create

A virtual distribution center to operate the robot being developed by Isaac Sim is being built with Omniverse Create.
For this, the distribution center using laser 3D scanned and 3D modelled with Autodesk Inventor and Recap. Finally, in Omniverse Create, we apply
Material, Light, and Physics parameters.




Business case

Introduction of products and technologies

EXIS recently completed a project to develop and deliver logistics automation equipment to our customers.
We are improving and operating the software by converting it into a digital twin.

Distributing/Picking robot developed and applied by the host organization

- Handling of Products to be shipped in distribution center
- At 2°C, a total of 11 tons boxes of boxes can be delivered

   (1 worker, 11 hours)
- Recent labour problems in the logistics sector + ROI decrease due
    to overlapping job search (7 years  5 years) 

2018 – Establishment of facility operating system with MS Azure Stack

- Realize Digital Twin with Unity Engine
- Operates on Microsoft Azure Stack , works with Azure IoT
- Solve the issue of in/out optimization problem with meta heuristic algorithm
- Best practices responding to COVID-19(Remote management and control)

Company introduction

EXIS Software Engineering have been conducting R&D in consulting, industrial S/W, and automation equipment systems. since 2006
After R&D period, We commercialized products have been recently supplied to the market and achieving rapid growth.

Exis has four strategies: Business, Operationg, Technology, and Financing.
First, the business strategy is providing to customers, what they want, at the right time, with reasonable price.
Secondly, operating strategy is that It's not about having the skills, it's about having the people who have the skills.
Thirdly, Technology strategy is to find technology that will be introduced to the market in 3 years and intensively develop application.
Lastly, financing strategy is No-debt, No-credit, same-day supplier deposit, Provider Loyalty Offer.

Recently, we are working on the Korea's Big Food Company Distribution Center Automation Project.
Currently, most of the processes in food distribution center are done by manually.
EXIS Software Engineering and Food Company have been preparing to automate this for years through joint research.
With this Food Company Distribution Center Automation project solution, EXIS is developing an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR).

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